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The Geometer's Sketchpad

"The most valuable software for students"
result from US survey of mathematics teachers

Award-winning software

“Parent's Choice Group Approval Winner”
Parent’s Choice Foundation

“Best Educational Software of All Time”
Survey of mentor teachers conducted by the
Stevens Institute of Technology

“Best Educational Software”
Technology & Learning magazine

“Best Education Program”
Software Publishers Association

Mathematics Learning Beyond Traditional Boundaries

Version 5 now available! It's easier than
ever to explore and vizualize Math concepts!

With a scope that spans the mathematics curriculum from middle school to university,
The Geometer's Sketchpad
brings a powerful dimension to the study of mathematics. Sketchpad is a dynamic construction and exploration tool that enables students to explore and understand mathematics in ways
that are simply not possible with traditional tools—or with other mathematics software programs.

Dynamic Visualization Is the Heart of the Program

With Sketchpad, students can construct an object, then explore its mathematical properties by dragging the object with the mouse. All mathematical relationships are preserved, allowing students to examine an entire set of similar cases in a matter of seconds, leading them by natural course to generalizations. Sketchpad encourages a process of discovery in which students first visualize and analyze a problem, then make conjectures before attempting a proof.

Enhances Learning Across the Mathematics Curriculum

Effective with students from grade 5 through university, Sketchpad brings its full dynamic power to the study of Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries, algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, and calculus. And Sketchpad's dynamic, visual approach allows younger students to develop the concrete foundation they need to move ahead to more advanced levels of study.

Dynamic Mathematics Is Now More Powerful Than Ever Before!

Newly released Version 5   has been designed to increase the value of a school's investment in Sketchpad - and to increase the benefits of visual learning for students:

  • the user interface has been simplified and strengthened, making Sketchpad simpler to teach and simpler to learn. A great upgrade
  • animation is more flexible and powerful
  • new mathematical functionality makes Sketchpad the perfect tool for algebra and calculus classes or topics. Graph a function with variable coefficients such as f(x)=mx+b, adjust the values of the variable coefficients ("parameters") and explore the entire family of related functions.
  • Symbolic differentiation allows the user to compute the derivative of a function.
  • GSP5 allows students to create rich electronic portfolios of their work
  • GSP5 brings integration of web-based resources into Sketchpad activities and users can publish "live" Dynamic Geometry activities on the web
  • GSP5 provides improved control of graphics output via copy/paste and printing

Click here for more info on Geometer's Sketchpad

Training courses for teachers are also available, to help you make the optimum possible use of this fantastic resource.


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