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Math Books and Videos
These valuable resources extend and reinforce classroom learning.
Most of these books have
special and useful features eg.
photocopiable worksheets; detailed plans for projects or lessons

See below for details...

* Agnesi to Zeno
  * Constructive Assessment in Math

Ideal for projects - use the photocopiable activity sheets and
the stories from the History of Math for investigations.

Shows different ways to assess and gives practical examples.

  shows different ways to assess and gives practical examples.
* Discovering Geometry
  * Mathercise books A - E
800 brilliant pages of investigations, diagrams, real-world applications, projects and exercises - all designed to develop understanding of basic concepts.
  Each book has 50 photocopiable sheets of exercises in reasoning, sketching, graphing and solving equations.
* Mathematical Quilts
  * One equals Zero
Links design with Math topics, gives 50 photocopiable sheets of activities.   Paradoxes and puzzles to challenge students, from Prof Webb of UCT.
* Patty Paper Geometry
  * Probability Activities
Investigations and constructions worked out through paper folding activities.
  Practical introduction to concepts, with lesson guides and quizzes.
* Problem Solving Strategies
  * Thought Provokers
* More Thought Provokers
Complete course teaches techniques of problem solving and math reasoning.
  Books of puzzles to instruct and entertain students, great for creative thinking classes and Math clubs.
* Unfolding Math Origami
  * A Watched Cup never Cools
Instructions for creating detailed models - learn about symmetry with algebra and angle relationships.
  Lab activities to introduce calculus.
* "Key to ..." workbooks    
Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Measurement, Geometry, Algebra    

NEW book titles Math Videos
Functional Melodies
Musical ideas and Math concepts
Pattern and Function
Basics of functions for algebra
Platonic Solids
Fractal Geometry

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