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Microsoft Products

Our Microsoft prices are lower than you will find elsewhere, because of our great Academic Discounts. Please call us at 021-439-6351 or email Lyn for a detailed quote.

Creative Learning Systems is a Microsoft Authorised Educational Reseller and Microsoft Certified Licencing Specialist.
We supply the complete range of Microsoft products:

Special prices on MS Office for Staff and Students - call us!

MS Office XP

MS Office XP Standard
Media Kit
Licences (Min 5)

MS Office XP Professional
Media Kit
Licences (min 5)

* MS Office XP Pro: MS Word; Excel; PowerPoint; Outlook; Access
* MS Office XP Ent: MS Word; Excel; PowerPoint; Outlook


MS Windows -

New computers:
MS Windows Millenium AE
MS Windows XP Home
MS Windows XP Pro

Upgrades from Windows 98:
MS Windows XP Home
MS Windows Millenium AE
MS Windows XP Pro AE

Staff/Student Application Kits:
MS Office XP
MS Windows Millenium
MS Visual Studio
MS Flight Simulator 2002 Std
MS Flight Simulator 2002 Pro

Please contact us for pricing on these products and others
e.g. CorelDraw! etc

MS School Agreement - How does it work?

The agreement licences the latest versions of these products:

  • MS Office Standard and Professional Editions
  • Office Macintosh Edition
  • Works Standard
  • Windows AE Upgrades
  • BackOffice AE Client Access Licence (CAL)
  • Encarta AE Reference Suite and Encarta Online
  • Visual Studio AE Professional Edition
  • Front Page and Project - optional extras

* the school agrees to pay a single licence fee for each of its computers
for up to 249 users per year per "seat"
(ie each eligible computer desktop at school)

* the school buys the media pack for each product used
(MS Office XP Pro, MS Encarta, etc)

* the software is installed on all the computers
Staff and students are allowed to load the software on home computers as well.

* if any new versions are released, the school simply buys new media packs.

* The licence agreement has to be renewed annually - otherwise, the software and licences may be purchased ( then the licences cover only that version of
the product)


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