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A comprehensive spelling package for all ages, produced by Australian teachers.

Also available - UK version with British speech!

SuperSpell is based on a sequential development of spelling skills, ranging from the ability to spell the simplest three-letter words to harder
multi-syllabic words.

Two exciting new CD ROM titles
SuperSpell "A Day At The Beach" CD ROM and
SuperSpell "Assessment Disk" CD ROM

Superspell is suitable for students of all ages, developed for use in schools, colleges, adult education programmes, vocational literacy and home use. These successful software packages are currently in use at over 40% of all Australian schools!

SuperSpell has a strong educational basis - students work on their own individualised program based on diagnosed weaknesses and the word lists are based on phonic skills and common spelling patterns.
Teachers - create and edit your own lists of words to integrate SuperSpell into your students' overall literacy program.

The educational content of the SuperSpell packages has a strong developmental structure. The content is not age or grade related.

SuperSpell - A Day At The Beach

The SuperSpell program is designed to assist users of all ages develop spelling skills at their own pace in a friendly and stimulating environment. The Australian version retains or enhances all the educational benefits of the original SuperSpell program but enables the user to learn in a fun and stimulating environment. It uses Australian/English spelling and Australian and British speech files - the cartoons with Australian accents are really entertaining.

"A Day At The Beach" has full speech capability and words presented in sentences that will develop spelling, reading, grammar and vocabulary building skills.

The program has seven fun activities, four of which are based on the SuperSpell word lists or User word lists. The other three activities are based on commonly misspelt words, compound words and vocabulary building exercises. The seven activities are presented in an exciting game play environment.

The user is invited to spend the day at the beach with a family called "The Hoopers". Each activity has fully animated cartoon sequences and exciting hotspots. Correct responses in any of the activities earn reward points which can be spent at two shops - a General Store and a Beach Goods Store. When points are spent the user is rewarded by a funny cartoon sequence.

SuperSpell Assessment CD

SuperSpell "Assessment Disk" has four spelling tests - a placement test, and three diagnostic tests which establish the user's stage of spelling development and pinpoint specific spelling weaknesses. Results are compiled and stored for each individual user; these can be viewed on screen or printed. The user can stop any test at any stage and return to the Main Menu. Upon choosing the test again the user has the option of beginning from where the test was stopped or starting the test again.

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